Is your information safe?
If you browse the application, we will not collect any personal data about you unless you decide to use the service and benefit from it, not for the purpose of browsing and discovery only. If you use the service, you must be assured that we are doing our utmost to protect your personal data and prevent illegal or unauthorized access. By protecting her from treatment, change and loss. Despite taking various protection measures and working to improve them, no system or technology can remain completely safe from damage, so if you feel any vulnerability within the application, you can contact us to work on solving this problem through the following email customer@ ghazeer. app
How is electronic payment processed within the application?
  Ghazir uses a trusted third party to process electronic payments. This third party may request information about your credit card and may ask you to access your contact list.

Do we share your personal data with any third parties?
The privacy of Ghazir users is one of the most important things that we try to protect in every possible way, as we never sell or share this data, nor do we disclose or share it with any third party for any purpose, and the goals for which we collect this data are statistical goals only. Such as the number of users and where they benefit from the service.
What permissions are required from the user?
Access to the phone status: where it was requested from a third party to complete the electronic payment process within the application. Access to the camera: where your mobile camera is accessed to attach a photo of the IBAN or take a photo of the invoice. It also facilitates access to your location in order to facilitate the process of delivering orders and calculating the time required for delivery. Requesting your address. Accessing the Internet. Accessing your mobile phone's external memory, whether by reading or writing to it.
The right to modify the privacy policy!
  Ghazir has the full right to update Ghazir’s privacy policy, whether by adding or deleting new terms or modifying existing terms at any time. How do we notify Ghazir users of any update to the privacy policy? We do not send any notification or email about updates to the Privacy Policy, but you can always find out about any update by checking the date of the last update to this policy, which is located on the last line on this page.