Before becoming and continuing your membership in the Application, you must read and agree to the User Agreement and the Ghazir Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”). You should also read this agreement, the privacy policy, and all relevant information by reading the links referred to in this agreement, as this information contains terms and conditions that apply to you as a heavy user. Your use of the application is your explicit acknowledgment and agreement to abide by all terms and conditions of the Ghazir application.
Membership requirements:
Ghazir seeks for all its members to be able to contract and not allow minors to purchase unwanted goods and services. Thus, application membership is granted only to those over the age of 15, and you must provide proof of that. Ghazir has the right to cancel the account of any member who you may believe has not reached the age of 15. General and without notice, with a commitment to liquidate his financial accounts immediately after closing the account, and without prejudice to any of Ghazir’s rights and her right to request compensation. No one has the right to use the site if his membership is canceled by Ghazir. If you are submitting an application for registration as a representative of a commercial institution, you must prove that you can act on behalf of the institution, in addition to your institution’s commitment to the terms of this agreement and your institution’s commitment to all applicable regulations and laws regulating electronic commerce (commerce via the Internet).
You acknowledge and agree that if you do not provide the required information and documents, Ghazeer has the right to bear any responsibility by limiting or suspending your membership or blocking you from the site. Ghazir also reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed or verified accounts or accounts that have been inactive for a long period.
Do we collect your personal data? If you browse the store, we will not collect any personal data about you unless you decide to use the service and benefit from it, and if you use it, we collect the personal data shown below:
•    the name
•    E-mail
•    Mobile number
• Location and address (sometimes location feature required)
How do we use personal data? We collect the personal data mentioned above for the following reasons:
• Register in the application
• Customize your in-app experience to get the best possible shopping experience with Ghazir
• Planning to know how long the delivery process will take
• Keep you informed of promotions
• Communicate with you
How is electronic payment processed within the application?
  Ghazir uses a trusted third party to process electronic payments. This third party may request information about your credit card and may ask you to access your contact list.
Do we share your personal data with any third parties?
The privacy of Ghazir users is one of the most important things that we try to protect in every possible way, as we never sell or share this data, nor do we disclose or share it with any third party for any purpose.
Is your personal data safe?
We use very advanced technologies to maintain the privacy of your data and prevent it from loss, theft or piracy, but we disclaim all responsibility for any breach that occurs by your contact.